Lat & core strength with kipping drills.

CrossFit X Factor – CrossFit Gymnastics

20 Hollow Rocks
20 Arch Rocks
20 Rolling V Ups
3 sets of 5-10 strict pull ups
3 sets of 5-10 strict T2B or K2E or Ball Ups – Keep eyes forward and elbows straight
Grab a partner and work 5 short sets of kipping T2B. Get toes closer to bar each rep without breaking form. Rib cage in, eyes forward, straight arms, engage those lats!
Partner stretches: Same ones we’ve been working on every week.
1. Sit up with arms overhead. Partner pins arms next to torso and msp vip hack press shoulders forward
2. On stomach with bent arms & hands resting on back of head. Partner presses shoulders down to the floor.