Lat & Core strength with proper technique for all gymnastics kipping movements

CrossFit X Factor – CrossFit Gymnastics

20 Hollow Rocks
20 Arch Rocks
20 Rolling V Ups
3 sets of 5-10 strict pull ups
3 sets of 5-10 strict T2B or K2E or Ball Ups – Keep eyes forward and elbows straight
Grab a partner and work 5 short sets of kipping T2B. Get toes closer to bar each rep without breaking form. Rib cage in, eyes forward, straight arms, engage those lats!
Partner stretches: Same ones we’ve been working on every week.
1. Sit up with arms overhead. Partner pins arms next to torso and press shoulders forward
2. On stomach with bent arms & hands resting on back of head. Partner presses shoulders down to the floor.

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